In late July 2019, we skipped up to the OR/WA border to hike SOBO through August. This trip was going to be our longest continuous section hike. Anxiety was high, as we didn’t know what Oregon was like, only that it rained a lot! 

Scary Bridge of the Gods- Praying I didn’t hit by a car or get blown off the bridge!

Dropped off at the WA side of the Bridge of the Gods that spans high above the deep Columbia River, we met our first challenge. The bridge has no sidewalks, so crossing meant we would be within inches of passing cars. Some gave us a wide berth, while others didn’t have the ability due to two-way traffic. At one point, almost taken out by the mirror of an RV, I had to DUCK! The floor of the bridge was open grating, so I could perceive how high above the rushing river we were! Add to the mix the blustery wind that simply compounded my terror!

It frustrated Deb that I didn’t slow down to take pictures of her crossing! I was just intent on getting across without falling through the grate (fed by a childhood fear) or blown over the rail by the wind or passing vehicles!

First Night in Oregon

We didn’t get far that first day and camped next to a creek with a nearby waterfall. We lingered and enjoyed the cool morning by the waterfall. All smiles. 

The next day, was a long and arduous climb to 4000’. Why is it that every time we start a section, we are climbing and carrying the heaviest pack? I admit I wasn’t in the best shape, so the steep climb all day did me in. Looking forward to the first campsite, Debbie, ahead of me, had passed it up as all sites were occupied. I wanted to cry. I was done. I texted her to see how far ahead she was. UGH! Another half mile! Trudging on, attempting to go what seemed like 10 miles, I texted her saying, “Can you come back and carry my pack? I’m dying.”  Being a good sport, she came back to help and we made it to camp safely.

What you don’t know, is that Ken, at home, reads all my texts. Bless his heart, he is truly worried that I am literally dying!

Guess I’ll be more specific in the future!