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Packing the Backpack 2022

Your backpack is vital gear while hiking. Getting your Backpack ready for the trail can be daunting. What to carry? How heavy should it be? What is Base Weight? Are you Lightweight or UltraLightweight?

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Mid Covid-19 Musings…… Dazed and Confused.

Off Trail for now

It’s official – the (PCTA)  Pacific Crest Trail Association has asked hikers to cancel or postpone their hike, and if you’re already on trail to go home.

The impact on the 2020 hiking season is devastating. People from all over the world have planned for months and sometimes years. They have saved their money, quit their jobs, spent hundreds of dollars on gear, paid for travel to the beginning of the trail, all  in preparation for this epic adventure.

It’s not only the PCT. All thru-hikes, the long trails like the Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and various other multi-day trails may still be open, but we are strongly advised to cancel or postpone. 

My mind is swirling with all the news, the politicians, advice, and warnings. Actually quite tired of watching the news, you can’t help but listen. (Especially since my husband has it on all day!)

The information changes constantly. “What’s different from the last 5 minutes?”

Nothing like it in history…the whole world upended. How much is true? Who doesn’t believe it? And how nuts is a run on toilet paper for a respiratory disease! Wow. Just Wow. 

Sort of in disbelief myself, but am taking it all in somewhat stoically. As a former Minnesotan, I have always had a bit of survivalist outlook.(Weathering a snowstorm at home without power or keep warm clothes and equipment in your car in case you go off an icy road)  And now a Californian; earthquake prepared; told for years (especially right after a large earthquake) how to shelter-in-place. Are you prepared? 

No one can tell us how long this will go on. Just keep your head, no need to panic, look out not only for yourself and family, but your vulnerable neighbor. Times like these bring out the best in us. 

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