Too much clutter on my mind – and check out the bookcase clutter!

So many things to clutter my day as I sit down to write. There’s a list of things that will take me all day if I let them. Even so, when I think I have the day planned, other ‘important’ things pop up. Distractions all….

There is nothing complicated while on the Pacific Crest Trail. All the distractions are left for others to handle. My ‘job’ is to, sleep.  But at home everything comes rolling in – a constant barrage of ‘important’ things to do. Some are actually important while others are nuisances but just the same, have to be taken care of. 

Even as I try to sit down and write something profound (well maybe even just amusing) my mind is cluttered with the “Oh, I also need to handle….”

So what am I going to do about it? Guess it’s time to make a conscious decision…Oh.. yes…. I do have control….Wake up!….Good grief!…Shut down the Netflix and get a hold of myself for heaven’s sake!