21 Ways to Use a Bandana

By Carol Chirpich and Debbie Shiffer-Mauss

Awhile back, my sister asked me why I always wear a bandana while hiking. I got to thinking about it and had quite a few reasons. So here’s the short list of 21 Ways to use a Bandana. I’m sure you can come up with quite a few more. 

What are your suggestions?

  1. Keep neck cool when wet
  2. Keep neck warm when dry
  3. Blow your nose
  4. Wipe sweat
  5. Hair tie
  6. Tie a splint
  7. Bandage/Stop bleeding
  8. Wash cloth
  9. Dry dishes
  10. Scrub dishes
  11. Dust mask
  12. Pee rag – reserve a yellow bandana for this!
  13. Head band
  14. Swat bugs
  15. Flag down rescue
  16. Pick up/hold a hot pan
  17. Wipe condensation off tent
  18. Tie things to pack
  19. Placemat for meal prep
  20. Sun Shade
  21. Mini-knapsack