And The Mountain Remains

At a recent Toastmasters meeting, my good friend Coach Rob Swineford shared this prose he wrote . It touched me so much I asked if he minded if I shared it with my readers. He graciously agreed so here it is. Thank you Coach Rob!

And the Mountain Remains

It is here in the quiet of nature, removed from the clatter and clutter of human discourse that I can return to a deeper peace that often escapes me in the city.  Though the permanence of these mountains mocks the temporary existence that is my life . . .  and my life is all lives, I rest comfortably here in the unmistakable arms of truth.  Here, removed from the drama of urban living we are reminded that we are the clouds that pass overhead.  Like them we may grow to be big and beautiful and bright.  A few of us may even mark our time with a thunderous roar drawing many to take notice but in the end, regardless of our form, we are all transients on a windy stage.  It is in this perspective found on a hillside, or beside a mighty ocean, or within the woods, or out on the desert floor that I am not discouraged but instead inspired because it is here where I feel the presence of a God I may never see.  

Here the tall pines stand stoic and as I move about, I pause with great respect on the steep edge of a hillside that can be mean to the careless.  I am surprised as the wind announces from deep within the canyon its impending arrival to the top of this mountain and I shutter as it roars by with an intimidating howl.  I am awed by the way the clouds pass through distant mountain tops, cloaking them in mystery, leaving us unable to distinguish where they begin and where they end; the perfect metaphor to this experience we call life.  I enjoy the brilliant hue of leaves glistening in the sunlight and marvel at large hawks that pass overhead with a grace and ease rarely found in any form of human movement.  I look up to a sky so clear and blue that it begs I imagine heaven and I occasionally stand motionless so the whistles of birds nearby can provide the perfect symphony to this glorious stage!  

What a grand opportunity this thing called life!  I am humbled by this place and grateful for the chance to mingle among the millions who pass as this mountain remains … and the whispers of a loving God from whom these words are sent are heard far removed from the deafening roar of the city. 

Coach R.D. Swineford  5/30/2011

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