Did I Really Hike 800 MIles?

Eight months ago…that’s how long it’s been since the last blog. How does one now begin? Why the long delay in writing? Guess you could say I’ve been preoccupied. The Pacific Crest Trail tends to do that to you.

My mind is overwhelmed with the events, trials, people, community, challenges, beauty experienced this year as I traveled the Pacific Crest Trail.

It’s October 2019 and while most thru hikers are finishing at the Canadian border, I can only claim 800 miles…not quite a third of the 2650 miles of the entire PCT. But I am just as proud of my miles as if I completed the whole thing. Not bad for a sixty-something first time backpacker. 

The reality of these 800 miles still has not quite soaked into my brain. It doesn’t seem real. But the innumerable pictures and videos don’t lie and the memories are abundant. 

It’s not always practical to write while on the trail, so, it’s time to back-track to the beginning – continue the story where I left off last year, after our first weekend.

It was decided to take it in small weekend hikes with her brother and his wife. Each time, coming home to regroup, decide if this is really what we want to do and plan for the next stretch.