How many of you  feel frustrated when out on a trail, and it seems EVERYONE  is passing you? 

When you have to stop often to catch your breath and hope your heart will not explode? When your hiking partners patiently wait for you at the top of the hill? (Not Fair! They get to rest when it’s ME that needs a rest!)
Will I ever get strong enough to keep up?
Let me tell you…it IS possible….but it’s gonna take some work! If you’ve read previous posts, you know that my husband won a month long membership to a gym that specializes in SPARTAN TRAINING! Whoa! Yeah…not his kind of thing! But I jumped on it and began my journey to GET STRONGER!
I have to say that it was a bit intimidating to walk in the facility. But the staff was so caring and encouraging, that I began to feel that this won’t be too bad afterall. Learning my gluts for all practical purposes were nonexistent was a blow. I am assured that will be remedied. So what about weight loss? Endurance? All goals to be accomplished if I am to do some serious hiking or better yet, backpacking.
So the journey began. It was no surprise that all the same trail frustrations manifested in the gym. How in the world do these people do it? They’re doing 20 reps to my 8. Hmmm okay, take heart that I could do 8! I find myself huffing and puffing and having to sit out a bit for the heart to settle down and for breathing to return to semi-normal!
After the month was up, I couldn’t believe the difference in myself. Achy joints were no longer an issue. Amazing! Endurance up – yes, but still a long way to go. Frustration level? Oh yeah, that’s still there, but not like at first. I see other women working through the class, some better than me, some the same. Lesson learned is accept where I am and keep working. It gets better!
These classes aren’t for sissies. But while i admit I hate the class (yeah – it’s hard and not all that fun) I like the result.
How do I know things are improving? A 5 mile loop through Whiting Ranch, including Dreaded Hill, took three hours last August. Last week, the same loop took me 2.5 hours!
I’m Getting Stronger!