This is it! Final packing for our departure this evening on a train bound for Lordsburg, NM to begin our 2022 Adventures! Our first month will be about 200 miles beginning at the New Mexico/Mexican border on the Continental Divide. Then back home for a week or so before heading out to complete the Pacific Crest Trail THIS. YEAR!

My head is like a rabbit in spring. Hopping from one last mInute task to the next.  A little here a little there! OMG. Will I ever settle down to focus on one thing! The resupply boxes are sort of sorted, and the pack is sort of packed. 

This morning I finished weeding and pruning the front entry roses that should have been done months ago. There’s still a claim to file with the PO! Like I need one more thing to do! I’d left my favorite sunglasses in MN couple weeks ago so my SIL mailed them to me. The box arrived damaged with nothing inside. Ugh! A trip to the PO left me even more frustrated after waiting in line only to be told to file the claim online. 

Yikes! Why am I sitting here writing this when I need to get back to sorting the resupply boxes! 

Till next week when there will be actual trail adventures to report!