Some Days….

Some days it’s just not worth it. Like today: January 1 of a brand new year, I’m up and ready for a nice long hike; one that would challenge me; taking on more elevation than normal while carrying extra weight in the pack.

A cold crisp Southern California Day, with Santa Ana winds, I felt I could brave these conditions. Unfortunately my choice of trail was a solitary one. Usually there are plenty of people on our local trails and I feel comfortable to hike alone. But this trailhead…there was NO ONE in sight. The parking lot was empty and very lonely feeling. Now this might not have deterred me had it not been for the Devil-Santa-Ana-Winds! Did I know when I left home it was windy? Yes. Did I think (delude myself) that it would be better at the trailhead? Foolishly yes.

To have proceeded may not have been bad. But the potential for bad tipped the scale. And so, not even getting out of the car, I turned for home and opted for comfort:  my favorite Peppermint Mocha, a cozy blanket and the Rose Parade on TV!

The trail will still be there tomorrow.