Twist lock trekking poles can be repaired especially if they are good quality to begin with. I’ve had my Leki Makalu’s for  over 10 years. They are the twist lock type and they began collapsing, not holding the lock. No bueno while slogging up rocky terrain.

Getting a new pair seemed my only option. But I started looking around Amazon, and found replacement parts and found YouTube videos that showed how to either adjust existing locks or replace with new. Only two sizes were available on Amazon so I ordered both. But neither one was the right size.

So my only option is to do the adjustment.  Here’s how:

Pull the sections apart to reveal the expander. Turn the expander either way to move the red slider up or down to make the adjustment. You are trying to make the expander bigger, but not so big you can’t get it back into the pole. It takes a couple tries
to get it right. Once I get them to a point where they will hold the correct length, tighten them and leave them long! I found that if I collapsed them down, I had to readjust the expander again, in order to get them back to hiking length. So now I just leave them long.