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DIY First Aid Kit

Instead of asking “What’s in Your Wallet?” Today I’m asking “What’s In Your Backpack First Aid Kit?”

Packing the Backpack 2022

Your backpack is vital gear while hiking. Getting your Backpack ready for the trail can be daunting. What to carry? How heavy should it be? What is Base Weight? Are you Lightweight or UltraLightweight?

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Music is from CD “Now and Then” used by permission of Woods& Strings. The song is ‘Liberty.’

My Story – Why Do I Backpack?

My story is meant for Women Hikers and Backpackers in the 40-50-60+ age range to inspire and motivate you to get out walking, hiking and backpacking. It all began over 20 years ago when I learned about long thru hikes. My dream became reality in 2019 when I hiked 800 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. I want to encourage and motivate women ‘of a certain age’ to get out there and enjoy all the wonders, beauty and challenges of hiking and backpacking.

Music is from CD ‘Now and Then” used by permission of Wood & Strings. The song is “Liberty.”

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